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odf::odf2xhtml::ODF2XHTML Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The ODF2XHTML parses an ODF file and produces XHTML

Definition at line 301 of file odf2xhtml.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def characters
def classname
def closetag
def collectnote
def e_dc_contentlanguage
def e_dc_metatag
def e_dc_title
def e_draw_frame
def e_draw_page
def e_office_document_content
def e_office_presentation
def e_office_spreadsheet
def e_office_text
def e_style_default_style
def e_style_page_layout
def e_style_style
def e_table_table
def e_table_table_cell
def e_table_table_row
def e_text_a
def e_text_h
def e_text_list
def e_text_list_item
def e_text_list_level_style_bullet
def e_text_list_level_style_number
def e_text_note
def e_text_note_body
def e_text_note_citation
def e_text_p
def e_text_span
def e_text_x_source
def emptytag
def endElementNS
def generate_footnotes
def generate_stylesheet
def handle_endtag
def handle_starttag
def html_body
def odf2xhtml
def opentag
def purgedata
def rewritelink
def s_draw_fill_image
def s_draw_frame
def s_draw_image
def s_draw_page
def s_ignorecont
def s_ignorexml
def s_office_automatic_styles
def s_office_document_content
def s_office_presentation
def s_office_spreadsheet
def s_office_styles
def s_office_text
def s_processcont
def s_style_default_style
def s_style_font_face
def s_style_handle_properties
def s_style_master_page
def s_style_page_layout
def s_style_style
def s_table_table
def s_table_table_cell
def s_table_table_column
def s_table_table_row
def s_text_a
def s_text_h
def s_text_line_break
def s_text_list
def s_text_list_item
def s_text_list_level_style_bullet
def s_text_list_level_style_number
def s_text_note
def s_text_note_body
def s_text_p
def s_text_s
def s_text_span
def s_text_tab
def s_text_x_source
def startElementNS
def unknown_endtag
def unknown_starttag
def wlines
def writedata
def writeout

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

dictionary familymap
dictionary familyshort

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