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def odf::odf2xhtml::ODF2XHTML::s_style_master_page (   self,

Collect the formatting for the page layout style.

Definition at line 739 of file odf2xhtml.py.

00739                                              :
        """ Collect the formatting for the page layout style.
        name = attrs[(STYLENS,'name')]
        name = name.replace(".","_")

        self.currentstyle = ".MP-" + name
        self.styledict[self.currentstyle] = {('','position'):'relative'}
        # Then load the pagelayout style if we find it
        pagelayout = attrs.get( (STYLENS,'page-layout-name'), None)
        if pagelayout:
            pagelayout = ".PL-" + pagelayout
            if self.styledict.has_key( pagelayout ):
                styles = self.styledict[pagelayout]
                for style, val in styles.items():
                    self.styledict[self.currentstyle][style] = val
                self.styledict[self.currentstyle]['__parent-style-name'] = pagelayout
        self.s_ignorexml(tag, attrs)

    # Short prefixes for class selectors
    familyshort = {'drawing-page':'DP', 'paragraph':'P', 'presentation':'PR',

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